The Valentine Theatre
Season 4: Valentine Theatre School Days

The Valentine is pleased to announce their fourth season of Valentine School Days an Educational Outreach Program. School Days replaced the loss of Lourdes University's Theater Vision programming in 2013. School Days will continue the rich tradition of presenting professional touring companies in educational theatre productions geared to school children for field trips during the school week.

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Information about Seating, Safety, Restricted Items, & Performance Etiquette

From Arrival to Show Time

Only adults chaperoning students are eligible to attend School Days performances.

To do our best to ensure all of our patrons get the most out of their School Days experience, we ask that you follow our house policies. These policies cover everything from seating to safety, as well as restricted items and performance etiquette. Before the show, please review these with your students and chaperones.

  • We require you to purchase a ticket for every member of your party, regardless of age.
  • We do not issue lap passes for our events.
  • The Valentine’s fire code prohibits standing in the aisles or the back.
  • Students must be chaperoned at all times.

Once your entire group has arrived:

  • Check in with an usher as you enter the building.
  • Follow an usher to your group’s seating area. Do not move outside of this area. You may rearrange individuals within this area only.

Please note…

  • Backpacks, strollers, car seats, and lunches must remain in the Grand Lobby due to our fire code. We recommend that you do not bring these items into the building, unless lunch space has been confirmed. We cannot guarantee there will be room to store your items. The Valentine will not be held responsible for these items.
  • Restrooms are open to the public. Elementary students must be escorted. We recommend that you do this after an usher has seated your group.
  • All group members must be present for ushers to seat your group.
  • Groups must pay together to be assigned to the same section and enter the hall as a group to sit together.
  • If schools have several classes attending, they do not have to wait for the other classes to be seated. However, we will continue to fill in seats based on the order of arrival, and classes from the same school may not be near one another.
  • If a wide range of grades is in attendance, we may place older students behind younger ones within designated sections at house discretion.
  • School Days shows are often sold out; we cannot save seats or leave any seats empty.

For the safety of our precious little ones, School Days requests school identifiers.

When students are unable to tell us their school name or teacher, school identifiers give us a quick and easy way to reunite them with their class or group. 

  • Examples of suitable identifiers include matching T-shirts, homemade headbands, hats, scarves, lanyards, and school badges.

Should a child become separated from his/her group, the table in the Historic Lobby is our rendezvous point.

  • Immediately report a separated child to the nearest usher who will notify management.
  • Staff will search for and bring any wandering or un-chaperoned children to the kiosk before looking for the responsible party.


  • HATS: Gentlemen should remove hats or caps when inside.
  • FOOD: Finish and properly dispose of your food, drinks, and gum in the lobby before entering the theater.
  • ELECTRONICS: Photography, cell phones, texting, gaming, or recordings of any kind are prohibited during the performances.
  • CRYING: Crying babies, unhappy siblings, and other loud noises disturb the actors and the other patrons. Please be considerate and leave the hall during these periods. You may still enjoy the show in the lobby via our large screen monitors.
  • AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION: Some shows are interactive and request responses from the audience; some are not. Discuss with your class how they can know the difference, and what is appropriate conduct in a theater versus at a sports arena or outdoor concert.
  • WHEN TO CLAP: During a musical or other music performance, it is appropriate to clap at the end of a song. During a ballet or dance performance, it is appropriate to clap at the end of the number.
  • APPRECIATION: Curtain calls occur when the show itself has ended and the cast comes forward to take their bows. The best way to show the performers how much you appreciate their hard work is to stay at your seats and clap until the actors have left the stage or until the curtain comes down and the house lights have come on.
  • REMAIN SEATED: At the end of the show, after the applause, please remain in your seats until our House Manager dismisses you.
  • Q&A: If you plan to stay for a Question & Answer session, please remain in your seats until the house clears, then move down front by the stage.

We are looking forward to hosting a wonderful and exciting season with you and your class!

Reservation Policies & Procedures

Reservations for all School Days performances will be processed throughthe Valentine Theatre.
To submit orders:

  • Email:
  • FAX order to 419.242.2791, Attention: Kate Rardin
  • Mail Reservation Form to:
    The Valentine Theatre, School Days
    410 Adams Street
    Toledo, Ohio 43604
  • Phone: 419.242.3490, ext. 20
    Kate Rardin, School Days Educational Outreach Coordinator

Orders for 14 OR FEWER Seats Made AT ANY TIME

Orders for 14 or fewer seats for ALL Season 3 School Days events will be processed throughout the 2016-2017 school year.

These orders must be accompanied by FULL PAYMENT, via check, money order or credit card. Include an additional $1.00 per seat for each event for handling charges. For each event you will be sent via email an Invoice marked “Paid.

Group “EARLY BIRD” Reservations: Due by SEPTEMBER 30, 2015

“Early Bird” reservations for group orders of 15 OR MORE SEATS for all Season 4 School Days events will be processed beginning in Oct. 2016. Email confirmation will be sent when orders are processed.

"Early Bird” reservations must be received by September 30, 2016. FULL PAYMENT, or a Purchase Order, for all “Early Bird” reservations is due no later than OCTOBER 14, 2016.

The “90% Rule”: If you do not anticipate using or paying for at least 90% of the number of “Early Bird” seats you reserve, please connect with us immediately to amend reservation. We cannot afford to turn away other groups by holding unneeded seats for you. Additional seats can generally be purchased. There is a strict no refund policy after OCTOBER 14, 2016

Group Reservations Received AFTER SEPTEMBER 30, 2016

Group orders for 15 OR MORE SEATS will be accepted throughout School Year 2016-2017. For updated date and time availability, check

A separate invoice for each reserved event will be emailed to you. Reserve only the number of seats you anticipate using; only minor changes will be considered in the number reflected on the invoice at time of payment. Call 419.242.3490 Ext. 20 before adding seats

Full payment for Season 4 reservations is due by the date indicated on the Invoice. School Days reserves the right to cancel reservations if either full payment or a Purchase Order is not received by the due date.

Reservation Information

  • On Reservation Form, provide all required information including Special Requests. Indicate preferred show title, date and time.
  • In “# Adults” include teachers, chaperones, drivers and all other adults. Everyone must pay for seats. Children under age 3 will not be permitted in the theatre unless they are part of a school group.
  • Total Seats” includes all students and adults.
  • Provide a school phone number plus an alternate phone number.
  • Provide an email address so your order can be confirmed by email.
  • Prior to each event, clients who have paid in full will be emailed a link to their admission ticket, School Days House Policies, and Parking Instructions. Student Preview Pages and Teaching Manuals will be available in early October to download and print. We are discontinuing mailed class materials, to be environmentally consciencious and fiscally responsible as a not-for-profit performing arts presenter.
  • Seating assignments in The Valentine Theatre are at the discretion of the School Days staff and are subject to change.
  • If a School Days event is cancelled due to inclement weather or another Act of God, the Weather Cancellation Policy and Refund Policy takes effect. This document will be sent with all tickets.
  • For updated information and event availability, visit


Busses will park around the perimeter of the theatre on St. Clair, Adams and Superior streets. Automobile parking arrangements have been made at the Superior Street Garage located one-half block from the main entrance on Superior Street and will cost $3.00 per car. Entry is in the 300 block of Superior Street or on St. Clair Street. Parking is also available at The Reu Lot directly accross from the Theatre's main entrance, pricing varies.

Please Note: The Superior Strret Garage will honor the $3 dollar charge for ninety minutes only! If you are over 90 minute, the charge is $5. Most all School Days presentations are 60 minutes in length, with no intermission.

Lunch Space

For those of you requiring space to eat your bagged lunches, space is limited and must be arranged when making your reservations. Space reservations are on a first-come basis.

Weather Policy & Cancellations

Daytime Performances: Cancellations accepted ONLY in the event of unforeseen school closings due to weather or all field trips cancelled by Board of Education. If cancellation is necessary you will have your choice of rescheduling or a full refund.

Policy for school delay or closings related to weather or other unforeseen circumstances

Please call us at (419) 242-3490 after 6:30 a.m. on the morning of your scheduled show date for updated information regarding weather delays, cancellations, etc., . (Since schools come from many districts to see our shows, there are many variables involved in making these decisions.) We will do everything possible to make ourselves available to answer all phone calls.

If a show is cancelled, we will make every effort to reschedule the production for another day. Please give us time to work out the details and we will contact you as soon as possible.

If your school (any system) is unable to attend a scheduled show due to delayed openings or closings you will have your option of rescheduling for another date, another show or having your monies refunded.

It is for these reasons that we ask for a teacher's phone number on our registration form. If the weather is questionable, we may have need to contact a teacher from your school the night before or the morning of a scheduled program. The phone number will be used in emergency situations only.

We pride ourselves in working with each individual school and teacher to meet their needs. It is never our intention to take your money for a show you don’t get to see. We understand that sometimes “things happen.” However, you must also understand that we are a non-profit organization and must have your presence if the show is to go on.


In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Ohio law, the producer of the performance, as the renter of the Valentine Theater, has agreed to provide services for the visually impaired and hearing impaired, if requested by patrons. We recommend you notify the Valentine Theatre of the need for an audio describer or sign language interpreter, or any other assistive service, at the time you place your ticket order, at the latest, since these services can take a significant amount of time to arrange. The Valentine Theater will notify the renter of the theater of the request, which bears sole responsibility for providing these services. The Valentine Theatre is also wheelchair accessible.